Kerwin - SA’s Latest Pop/R&B Artist

With an incredible grasp of melody and a lyrical depth beyond his years, Kerwin is here to grow, here to work and here to stay.


About Kerwin

Kerwin, was born on 21 March 1994 in Cape Town. His love for music started at the tender age of 5 where he used to sing with his father's accapella quartet, listening and learning about harmony, melody and the magical blend of voices.

At the age of 12 his family moved to Hermanus where he finished his high school career and shared his creativity by writing more than 30 poems. 

At the age of 14 he discovered his grandfather’s old guitar in their garage and with his very first touch, he strummed a melody that resonated with him and this turning point was the catalyst for his ability to play the guitar and eventually write great songs.

No Feelings, Kerwin’s collaboration with Chad Saaiman and has charted on most of the major regional stations (Including Heart FM, Goodhope FM etc) and the music video for the record was also well received and many of SA’s top professionals showed love and support for the release.

The collaboration with Wax Beach, entitled “By My Side” has reached 100 000 streams on Apple Music, and was one of KFM’s songs of the year (2020) on the Chart Show with Carl Wastie.

From performances at Heart FM Summer Festival, The Cape Town Gin Fest, Good Hope FM Valentine’s Day, Souk, FC Kapstadt Cup, to mention a few, to his very own event called The Writer’s Room at Radisson Red, Kerwin continues to share the joy of sharing the music in the best way possible, on stage.

His latest solo release, WWW (Wild Wild West) is currently available digitally and 2021 is looking even brighter for Kerwin - as BET, the followup collab with Wax Beach has just dropped and has hit a host of different playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Whela (Kapela)

Kerwin’s debut single Whela (Kapela) was released in 2017 and created a stir in the Cape Town music industry and opened up the door for what was to come. Catchy, quirky and extremely special, Whela lead Kerwin to the attention of not only his production team at Cosher Recording Studios, but also to SA R&B Artist and Personality Chad Saaiman who co-incidentally heads up Stereotype Talent Management

The 2 companies collaborated on Kerwin’s Management Deal and went on to release the Touch Is Love EP which garnered great reviews within the industry and gave us singles such as “What You Do To Me”, “Digits”, and “My Place”, to mention a few.