About Us


Stereotype Talent Management started out as Stereotype Records, an indie label formed in 2008 when Chad Saaiman and producer Ebrahim Mallum got together with businessman Lee Saaiman and Digital and Design Guru Lester Hein to formalize a movement that was created. After several number one songs, SAMA and Metro FM Nominations, sold-out shows and a great and loyal following, 2 of the 4 Shareholders moved on to pursue personal ventures, which left the company in the hands of the Saaiman brothers.

The focus of the business, in time, moved towards management and bookings, with acts such as The Black Ties finding huge success within the corporate and commercial market, whilst acts such as Chad Saaiman continuing to release chart-topping music whilst remaining relevant with his brand within the entertainment industry. With the additions of R&B/Soul songstress Candice Thornton, DJ/Producer Lance Theron and brand-new All-female outfit Lady Noir in 2015, the rebrand of the business could not have come at a better time.

With Chad Saaiman returning to Cape Town, he will continue to head up Creative and Artist Management, with co-owner Lee Saaiman heading up Financial and Business Management of Stereotype Talent Management.